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Gunuo Tianjin Industrial Co.,Ltd.
PU Foam Factory

Gunuo Tianjin Industrial Co., Ltd is GNS Group PU Foam factory.
l Mainly produce Polyurethane Foam (PU foam). One of the largest PU Foam manufacturer in China.
l Factory area is 200,000 square meters located in Tianjing.
l Produced and sold out around 30 million cans in 2018.

l 10 advanced full automatic production lines, now each automatic production lines’ product capability has reached 15,000cans per day.


  • 秒速时时彩计划 Production-line-(4)

  • Production-line-(3)

  • 秒速时时彩计划 Production-line-(2)

  • Production-line-(1)

  • 秒速时时彩计划 Warehouse-(5)

  • 秒速时时彩计划 Warehouse-(4)

  • Warehouse-(3)

  • 秒速时时彩计划 Warehouse-(2)

  • 秒速时时彩计划 Warehouse-(1)

  • 秒速时时彩计划 The-factory-inside-(5)

  • 秒速时时彩计划 The-factory-inside-(4)

  • 秒速时时彩计划 The-factory-inside-(3)

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